Building a Business Welcome to Amway – The Road to Independence Welcome to Amway’s opportunity to develop an Independent Business of your very own. You may wish to build a new career or operate your own business on a part-time basis to supplement your income – the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is highly flexible and enables you to be in control as to how you develop and grow your Amway Business. Amway Stands Behind You Also with the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan you will be fully supported. As you begin to build your Amway Business you will recognise the benefits of being associated with an established, global market leader which manufactures and distributes a wide range of top quality products. The Amway product portfolio includes a wide range of health and beauty products, including the well-known NUTRILITE™ brand of vitamin and mineral supplements and ARTISTRY™ skin care products. And of course there are the famous home care (LOC™, SA8™), personal care product ranges – BODY SERIES™, SATINIQUE™ and durables – iCOOK™, which form part of the heritage of the Amway Product family. Getting Started The simplicity of the Amway business model is also its strength. Take the time to learn the basic principles. Teach them to others and lead them to success by your example. The unique Amway Sales and Marketing Plan will help you a lot. First steps The steps to operating a successful Amway Business listed below are a practical guide to how other AIEs have achieved their goals: 1. Define your aspirations and set your goals. 2. Become a 100% user of Amway Products and Services. 3. Make and keep an updated list of prospective Clients and prospective IBOs. 4. Invite people often to attend a meeting to demonstrate Amway Products and/or explain the Amway Business Opportunity. 5. Present Amway Products and how to retail them often and well. 6. Present the Amway Business Opportunity often and well. 7. Follow-up with your prospective IBOs and Clients in a timely manner. 8. Help your new IBOs start with the basic steps to a successful business. 9. Help develop leaders in your Downline who can also train others to be successful retailers. Set Your Goals Setting goals is important because it helps all of us to focus our thinking and plan our activities. Goals also help motivate us to action and provide a standard against which to measure our progress and eventual success. The best way to begin is by making a list of the things you would like to have and the things you would like to do. This list can include big items you may have longed to own or achieve, as well as smaller things you would like to have extra money or time for, such as: independence, business of your own, spending money for clothes, more time with your family, better home, travelling, financial flexibility, education/college for your children/grandchildren, holiday home, charity donations, a new car. Whatever your particular goals and aspirations may be, you are one step closer to achieving them when you write them down on an action planner. Your list should also include the date by which you would like to achieve that goal. Someone once said that ‘goals are just aspirations with a deadline’, and they were right. By giving our goals a deadline, we automatically work harder towards their realisation. Once your goals are firmly established in your mind, you should do something every day that will bring you closer to each goal.


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